I’ve recently been triaging FontForge bugs on Fedora, and hit a problem with bug 600108, in which the latest version of FontForge crashes while building Serafettin.

I patched FontForge locally, so I could identify the glyphs that caused it to crash, but I’ve now come to the conclusion that Serafettin itself is the problem, and FontForge’s validation says as much, in these lines:

  • Two glyphs have the same name.
  • Two glyphs have the same unicode.

I’ve never met these errors before. Sure enough, close examination of Serafettin reveals that there are three copies of some of the glyphs in the font, with the same name and Unicode point. Now that Orcan has given me access to the Subversion repository, I’m currently working on removing the incorrect copies of glyphs, before simplifying the outlines of the rest, to allow it to build again.