VT100 Setup Screen A I still have VT100 terminal, but it’s in storage. I figured I could pretend that it was on my desk if I made a font that looked like the old beast, including the gaps between scan lines.

Once I’d started, I needed the reverse video form of it, and the forms correctly underlined, and double width, and double height and double width. Blinking is more problematic ;-)

The challenge with the double height, double width font is that the VT100 had escape sequences that made particular character rows either display just the top half of characters, or the bottom half. To display characters double height, you had to put the same characters on two consecutive rows, and set the line attributes correctly. In fact, you could make up some funky alien characters by setting the line attributes and typing different characters on each row.

In order to reproduce this effect (yes, I’m carrying on digging), I had to make an upper half font, and a lower half font. And that gives me a problem with Fontconfig, because that takes a look through fonts as it caches them, and marks glyphs as broken if they don’t make any marks, but they are encoded at positions which aren’t space characters in Unicode. My “upper half” font doesn’t have any marks for the underscore glyph, and my “lower half” font doesn’t have any marks for the double quotes, for example.

There isn’t a way of telling Fontconfig that my font isn’t broken just because it didn’t fancy making any marks for a particular glyph, so I’ll have to do some pre-processing when generating “screen shots” of my old terminal. I can locally configure Fontconfig to not do this, but that wouldn’t help anyone else.